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Smart worker's choice

Many people consider using a smartphone in a business environment. But you know that smartphones are privately owned.
Concerning how to use a smartphone in an industrial environment, the first step is to find a solution and find a mobile device manufacturer.
And you make sure it's suitable for the job or not. All of this can be done even more simply.

Google Mobile Services (GMS) If you decide for an Android based solution, it is important to select an enterprise device that's GMS certified.
M3 MOBILE devices complies with Google's certification requirements and combines this with the strongest performance and support.


Security Patch Information

For more information on security patch information, see the link to the Android Security Bulletin.


Operating System

Final Security Maintenance Release End Date for the OS


Android 13

Jan 2026


Android 11

Feb 2024

SM20, SL20

Android 10

Feb 2023

UL20X, UL20W, UL20F, US20X, US20W, SM15X, SM15N

Customers can use various Android APIs suitable for corporate work simply by choosing M3 MOBILE.



Keep your products supported up to 7 years.

  1. 1.Get patches and updates for free.
  2. 2.You can always use the latest Android features.
  3. 3.Light size OTA (Over the Air) enables quick updates.

* EOS(End Of Support)

Patch update service for 7 years from product launch

  1. 1.Upgrades to the latest Android version may incur additional charges.
    Please contact your sales representative for details.
  2. 2.Additional charges may apply when downloading files over a wireless network.
  3. 3.Availability of updates through OTA may vary depending on the model.
  4. 4.For patch and OS support, please refer to M3 MOBILE's partner support details.