SOLUTIONS Transport et Logistique (T&L)

Realization of a transport and logistics system
that perfectly fulfils every step

By tightly connecting raw materials transportation, production, packaging, warehouse and distribution centres, transportation and delivery, all assets can have real-time visibility.
Improve business efficiency and accuracy and eliminate human error with M3 MOBILE's rugged, fast mobile computer.

  • 01
    Transportation and delivery

    M3 MOBILE's mobile computer can be used to realize a complete service that allows you to receive product deliveries at home on time. From pick-up to delivery, customers get information on all stages, and managers can plan the perfect route to get the delivery done quickly.

  • 02
    Unloading and loading

    You can obtain real-time status of countless containers and trailers operated by large logistics and distribution centres. Take advantage of M3 MOBILE's mobile computer to communicate with all employees using wireless communication technology and to seamlessly transfer numerous data streams.

  • 03
    Asset and facility management

    You can check the location and maintenance status of countless assets in the loading dock in real time ,and manage the attendance and location of workers. Accidents can be prevented if equipment is always in the right place and workers are in the right place.

  • 04
    Logistics warehouse

    A logistics system that connects manufacturing logistics warehouses to end customers as one, Tracking and flow management of how objects move through whom, Worries about securing visibility into assets, human resources and processes can be solved with M3 Mobile's accumulated technology and know-how.

  • 05
    Postal & Courier

    The shortest route can be calculated and sent to the delivery driver so that the customer receives the product on time. If you deliver the goods on time and safely to the customer, the vendor who sold the goods will receive the best evaluation. M3 Mobile devices provides the fastest service through the best wireless performance and network connection. M3 MOBILE supplies products to large transport companies.

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