SOLUTIONS Public, Service

Field workers can safely and
conveniently perform work

Energy, public and service work can be encountered with large, grand machines and workers. If the support of safe machine operation and accurate measurement can be achieved, the working environment of workers will be improved and the resulting service will also be improved. If you have to deal with a myriad of people, you can also cleanse and realize fast service through M3 MOBILE's products.

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    State-of-the-art technology can be introduced into government-run administrative networks, police agencies, firefighting and disaster relief activities. Work quickly, efficiently and safely with field staff. In the event of an emergency, timely response is needed and reliable communication must be provided for collaboration and teamwork. You need to choose a product that will work smoothly in harsh environments.

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    Gas, electricity and water management

    For meter reading, you need to find a product that is scalable and robust. Provide real-time location services when dispatching field personnel, and perform data management and communication management necessary for investigation and response. Help ensure smooth business handling even when hazardous work is underway and wearing safety tools.

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    Experience the fastest network connection technology and the best response speed with M3 MOBILE's products. Wherever public service, lodging, and catering needs services, all processes need to be visualized to increase work efficiency. Optimize the tasks needed to locate, place and bill workers. Customer satisfaction is improved and stable service provision can be guaranteed.

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