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July. 28. 2010

Volume No. 6

- Launching three exclusive windows for each M3 partner support from September 1st. 2010
- Introduce a support system of Account Manager - Technical Support Manager - and Hot Line Manager
- M3 OX10 (M3 Sky+)
- MM3 “NEW Long Range Scanner” Test Results
- Function Key event detection
- Disable call-key and call-end-key
- General Backup Battery Information
- RTC Reset Causes and Prevention

July. 21. 2010

Volume No. 5

- Worldwide Prospect for Rugged Mobile Computer
- Rugged mobile computer vendor market share trends
- Worldwide average selling price forecasts for rugged mobile computers.
- More fast communication with M3 Sky WIFI Function
- M3 T Advantages Compared to Other Products
- Developed CDMX 1x model of M3 Green MC6300S for CHINA TELECOM
- Developed Japanese keypad of M3 Sky Non-WWAN version
- Battery Charge Indication
- GPS com port on Vehicle Cradle

July. 14. 2010

Volume No. 4

- Android beats the I-phone in the North America smart phone market
- Exterminate mosquitos through M3 Green based on the GPS and GIS technologies
- Developed an improved Hand Strap
- Developed Web Active-X to operate 2D Imager in the Web environment
- M3 Battery Serial Number System
- How to distinguish M3 Green (MC-6500S) Main-board by a Scanner colour difference
- In case of losing a password in Summit Client Utility (Summit WLAN control program)
- Overcharging Protection
- M3 SKY Battery Calibration

July. 07. 2010

Volume No. 3

- M3 Event
- M3 Case Study
- M3 Products Updated List
- Troubleshooting
- M3 SKY GPRS Setting Guide

June. 29. 2010

Volume No. 2

- Robust and Rugged M3 SKY+ FAQ
- M3 Technical Support FAQ

June. 22. 2010

Volume No. 1

- New Rugged PDA M3 Sky+ will be launched on August 2010
- New OS and Flash Disk files (Released in May 2010)
- Technical Support Issues Review Conference (held on June 2010)
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