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December 27. 2010

Volume No. 16

- M3 Mobile awarded ‘34th Honored Korean Trader of the month’
- Contract signed between M3 MOBILE and Wavelink
- SDK Release for M3 GREEN, M3 T
- How to import/export WLAN profile in SCU?
- How to change the Regulatory Domain in Summit WLAN?

December 1. 2010

Volume No. 15

- SDK Update (Reference Manual and package)
- New Flash Disk Update and Version management
- Ethernet Cradle Manual Update
- Device Identification
- PIN Description

October 20, 2011

Volume No. 14

- Added NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone)
- Added Camera Auto AF
- Added Real Time Setting
- M3 T Volume Key Modification

October. 13. 2010

Volume No. 13

- M3 Green & M3 Sky : Vehicle Cradle Modification

October. 06. 2010

Volume No. 12

- M3 Mobile hosted M3 Global Partner Conference 2010 in Seoul
- M3 New Order System takes effect on November 1, 2010
- M3 Sky : Error Message Displayed
- M3 Sky : LCD does not work when replaced the old LCD with the new one
- Using VBscript in WM Devices
- RFID Specification

Sep. 08. 2010

Volume No. 11

- The Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) holiday will be celebrated from September 20 (Mon) to 24 (Fri), and M3 will be closed during this period
- Global Partner Conference 2010
- How to enable JAVA scripting (M3 Sky MC-7700S)
- Define Application1 and Application2 for buttons settings (M3 Sky)
- How to update OS via USB Downloader (M3 RED, GREEN)
- How to update OS via Mini SD Card (M3 RED, GREEN)

Aug. 25. 2010

Volume No. 10

- M3 Case Study
- M3 Sky GPS takes a long time to initially acquire
- M3 Green WLAN disconnected when charging with cradle
- How to update OS via MINI SD Card (M3 SKY, MM3)
- How to update OS via one-click update (M3 SKY, MM3)

Aug. 18. 2010

Volume No. 9

- M3 Case Study
- Scan button is not working in ScanEmul
- Scanner compatibility between MC-6300 and MC-6400 (M3 Green)
- MM3 Key Customization
- How to update OS via USB Downloader (M3 SKY, MM3)

Aug. 11. 2010

Volume No. 8

- M3 Box Label will be changed and settled by September
- M3 Sky AZERTY Keypad Developed for French-speaking countries
- M3 Green: How to Use Chinese Characters in English OS
- M3 Green: Scanner Malfunction
- M3 T MC-6700S 18pin I/O PIN Description
- M3 SKY Key Customization

Aug. 04. 2010

Volume No. 7

- M3 Case Study
- M3 Products
- M3 Green (MC-6300S) Bluetooth and WIFI icons disappeared after Hard Reset
- M3 Sky GPRS External Antenna
- M3 Green (MC-6510S) External Device User Guide
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